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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good News

Today was a very long day driving to Geisinger for the injection for Audrianna's MIBG Scan which she gets tomorrow. I had to Hunt down and Badger Dr Taylor but i finally got him to show me the CT Scan and tell me that there were no known signs of Neuroblastoma on the scan!!! Tomorrow is the big day we have the MIBG and the Bone Marrow tests to see if she is clear. Please god let her be clear, its almost a year and its time for her to be a healthy little girl again. I am so sick to my stomach thinking about tomorrow, just because the CT came back clear doesnt mean the MIBG will and it scares me to death that i may have gotten my hopes up for nothing. And i also know that just because she is clear now doesnt mean she will stay that way forever because Neuroblatoma is a tricky bastard and it hides and then our babies can relapse:( BUT god willing that will NOT HAPPEN to my child.Audrianna has alot of Angels up there watching out for her. Tanner, Hudson, Kelly,Ashley,Layla,Sophie, they will all make sure she pulls through this and continues to make the world a better place with her smile. My heart goes out to all the parents that have had there babies become Angels, i cant say i know what they feel everyday, but i can say i understand the fear they must have felt along the way:(
Ok i am going to goto bed now since tomorrow is going to be a very very very long day. I will post as soon as we know any results and thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers! Love Audrianna and Kyras Mommy:)


  1. Big ((((HUGS)))) and prayers for Great news!

  2. In my opinion;
    You should consider raising her pH and oxygen level then use green veggie juices to get the nutrient load up. Cesium Chloride + Potassium can be used to kill off the cancer cells very quickly, but you will still need to get the body pH up and the oxygen content up for long term recovery. No vaccines are safe and chemo/radiation certainly are not. The doc who saved me used this protocol. Finding a good naturopath in your area would be wise. Good Luck