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Monday, April 30, 2012

Audrianna's Upcoming Birthday

So i cant believe its been 3yrs since we started this awful battle or that my baby is going to spend yet another birthday in the hospital. On Monday May 7th Audrianna will be turning 6yrs old and it's the day she gets admitted for her next round of chemo and will have to have an NG Tube put in her nose to recieve the chemo.This is just one of the things that parents of kids that arent chronically ill dont understand ...birthdays are never normal no matter how hard you try to make them normal and requests for vacations you cant fullfill are heartbreaking. When asked what she wanted for her birthday Audrianna replied anything anyone wants to give me mom.....but what id really like to do even if its not my birthday is go back to disneyland again....I had to tell her mommy couldnt afford disney because her cancer treatments cost to much. I also told her that maybe next income tax which would be next march god willing mommy would use that money to get her to disney. She is ok with that since she is a child and doesnt really understand that money doesnt grow on trees but that its expensive to go back and forth to the hospital and stay there...she understands mom will do all she can to get her there. I know some people think im being GREEDY ASKING FOR ANOTHER WISH when she already had a Make-A-Wish, but she deserves it, she has been through so much in her little life that if she wants to go back to disney im going to do everything in my power to get her there....So what did i do...i went on her FB Page Audriana's Wish and i asked if anyone could Donate Frequent Flyer Miles just to help us with the airfaire to get her there, i didnt ask for Money i just asked for Miles and yet i still go grief from a few people and then there are so many others that are willing to help and im very thankfull to them....someone told me to go make a chip-in account so that people could help and i did and im going to post it here and any money raised will goto her trip and hopefully we can get here there.I wanted to Thank Everyone in advance!!!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

upcoming holiday

I am sitting here thinking that i should be out buying stuff for my girls for Easter so that the Bunny can get all the credit for making them happy for a lil while,BUT i just cant get into the spirit. On Sunday April 8th Audrianna will be having her 3rd CancerVersary....Easter is 3yrs to the day she was diagnosed and even though i should be jumping up and down for joy because she is Alive 3yrs later i just baby should be healed by now, she should have Hair and she should be happy and playing with her friends and going to school and instead she is Still Sick, getting chemo,bald, and trying her hardest to Be Happy so people dont see how bad she feels....these are the things people dont see...our baby puts on her smiley happy face and pretends that her tummy doesnt hurt and she wasnt just throwing up everything she had for lunch...they dont understand that she gets tired so easy but pushes herself to play because she doesnt want to miss things BUT i understand that and so that makes this Easter Bittersweet....3yrs alive after diagnosis when they gave her less then a 20percent chance to live YAY but 3yrs still sick BOO DAMMIT. So as we go into the Easter Holiday we will ALL put on our fake happy faces and make the best of the day.
It's also hard knowing so many of our friends are sick....Emilee is just trying to get through Easter at home so she doesnt have to be in the hospital having another brain surgery.....and our friend Kayla is in the hospital fighting for her life because her body is rejecting the donor heart she just recieved.....i find it very hard to smile through all this but im asking that All of You Smile for us and say the Prayers i find hard to say so that Kayla will pull through, Emilee will get better and Audrianna will be N.E.D. on her next scan......Hope you all have a Happy Easter