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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Insomnia Post

I know its been a long time since i posted last but after all the criticism i was getting around christmas i just got tired of listening to people bitch everytime i blogged so i was taking a break. Well since then the girls have had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS and i want to say a big thank you to everyone that did help make that possible.

Audrianna is doing really well in school and she loves going to class and now has 4 Boyfriends according to her lol omg she is only 4 and has 4 b/f's what am i gonna do when she is a teenager?? Kyra is having a bit more mommy time since her sister is in school and Mommy has gone back to work so its a very hectic time around here.This is the first time i have been able to go back to work since Audrianna was diagnosed,its been a MAJOR adjustment for all of us,audri hates being away from me for so many hours of the day and Kyra was just getting me back all to herself and had to give me up again But we are working it out the best we can and doing ok so far.I keep trying to tell the girls its only for 4-5 months and then mommy will be home again till next year since i work in a tax office, but at the age of 2 and 4 they dont understand that.Right now they are either with daddy after he gets off work or with Nana so they are ok till about bedtime and then they get cranky and want mommy, thankfully most nights i can get home in time to put them to sleep and then all is well till morning:)

I am adding a few new pictures of the girls in some really cute hats there Nana Made for them so everyone can see how healthy and happy they both look right now!

Audrianna has been sick for about a month and a half now with a sinus infection that wouldnt end, now she is finishing up her 3rd antibiotic and it looks like it has worked, thank god. Feb 10th she is FINALLY going to be able to get her MIBG Scan to see if the Cancer is still N.E.D. and everytime i think about it i get so sick to my stomach and depressed i just want to sit and cry. My heart and Head are not working together here, one says she is fine and still N.E.D. and the other is Terrified she isnt and they are going to tell us the Cancer is growing again. I am trying to ignore the scared/crazy part of me and go with the sensible she is fine part of me but it is so hard to do, anyone thats ever walked in my shoes will understand what im talking about.When your child is so ill you dont know how they survive it you can handle that because you know what your fighting,you can see it...BUT when Your child is N.E.D. and they look like nothing is wrong with them, you dont know how to handle the Fear because you dont have anything left to fight. Maybe because i have seen other kids who have been N.E.D. and who have looked perfectly fine,hair grown back, weight back, playing with there siblings or cousins and then they say they dont feel well and BAM the cancer is back and spreads really fast and they dont make it....this is my biggest fear, being told it's growing again and there is nothing they can do...its the fear that keeps me from sleeping, its the fear that makes me so overprotective, its the fear that makes me spoil them both so much and never say NO to anything either of them want even if its with my very last dollar, it's that fear that no matter what i do it runs my's that fear that she might not be here tomorrow that teaches EVERY CANCER PARENT TO LIVE FOR TODAY,BECAUSE SOMETIMES TOMORROW DOESN'T COME.

Sometimes the depression is so bad even the pretty little pills the doctor gives you just arent enough but you still smile for your children and everyone else who is watching you and cry on the inside where nobody can see. This is how most cancer parents make it through the day. Everyone is always telling me how strong i am, and how level headed i am and how they dont know how i deal with this as well as i do....My answer is this....I DON"T it's all a Front,every Cancer Parent becomes a Great Actor/Actress..we might look put together to you and to our kids but really we are slowly dying inside because we cant kiss the hurts away from our babies and thats our job as parents.

Please continue to keep Audrianna,Kyra and the rest of our family in your prayers and pray with all you have that her scans are ok. I dont know if any of us can handle bad news, her sister is so attached to her they are like 2 pees in a pod and one would be lost without the other and well i just dont know how id walk through it if i lost either of them.