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Monday, November 29, 2010

Better Frame of Mind

First off let me say thank you to everyone who posted on my last blog. I was very upset and angry about everything that day and thanks to ALL of you i have decided your right and im not going to let negative people upset me or make me stop doing things for my beautiful daughter. I also want to thank everyone who has donated things for Christmas and for those that wanted to. I am not going to put the list back up, not because of the negativity BUT because we have had a few people offer to help and i dont want to take away from other children in need, children who need things more then my girls do. My girls have LOVE and no matter what, they will not want for anything on Christmas or any other day of the year because THEY ARE LOVED!!! We have been pretty busy since the last blog, we are still planning Audrianna's fundraiser on Dec 9th @ That Bounce Place in Edwardsville, Pa from 3-9pm and its coming along very nicely..we have Santa coming, a photographer to take pictures of the kids, a bake sale and a basket raffle for the adults and a few vendors coming to setup tables and make a donation to Audrianna.Between getting ready for that and Audrianna gettin to all her appointments and going to school its been very busy.We have also done some fun activities such as going to the Majestic Theater in Pottsville to see a tribute to disney and the girls had a great time with there dear friend Reiley who played Belle.This weekend we went to Wilkes-Barre and spent time with some of our *Oncology Family* seeing santa clause and just have an all around great time. The girls got to play with there 3 adopted Aunties, Annette, Jennifer and Dari. Dari also took some beautiful pictures of them which for a mom with a child with an Illness of any sort, pictures that capture your child happy are worth more then a million dollars in the bank. Money can be spent and its gone, pictures hang on the wall forever, even if you lose that child, you always have that wonderful memory and there beautiful face captured forever in a state of happiness to help take away some of the sorrow.
We have been invited to another cookies for cancer event on the 4th of december in pittston so we will be there god willing and having fun.SANTA is coming to our house on Dec 11th on his sleigh for the girls and they are so excited. December 17th we get to meet Nellie from Nellie's Catwalk a wonderful cancer organization in ohio that is helping the girls with a few of the Bigger things they wanted for christmas.And then Christmas will be here and we will be celebrating the fact that Audrianna is HOME and having Christmas with Her family this year and we will also have our cake for Baby Jesus's Birthday because i like to make sure the girls know what christmas is all about, its not about the toys you get, its about Giving and Love. I know that with the love of my family and friends and all the people here and on FaceBook that Love My Daughter, we can get through anything.<3

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why do people hate??

It is a sad day when people start attacking the parents of a young child battling any type of disease because they are upset over the fact that her parents do fundraiser to help with medical costs and expenses.Because of these people and the fact that im tired of being accused of *using* my child to get things/money from people i have deleted the girls christmas wish list that so many of you asked me to post.I know the economy is hard on everyone right now and i know alot of people are worse off then we are and really if people didnt want to help they wouldnt have offered BUT i will find a way to help my children without having to be accused of anything from here on out.Yes we have had fundraisers for Audrianna just like every other family with a sick child has.What people dont understand is that there are so many other expenses other then insurance related ones when you have a sick child and life doesnt stop, the bills keep coming,just because you cant work because you have to stay home and take care of your child doesnt mean the rest of the world stops turning. There are gas expenses(which thank god now we have help with),food expenses,toys to make your child stop crying because you would give them anything to make them hurt less, Hotels,all things not convered by any type of insurance that you still have to pay.Where do people think this money comes from if not from fundraisers?? Audrianna spent 4 months in philly undergoing tandem stem cell transplants, that was 4 months we werent at home, 4 months we had to eat somewhere other then our house, gas back and forth to philly for my husband and all these things add up, its not like we have thousands of dollars in the bank or drive a fancy car or even a new car, we have a beater car for hubs work, and a 7yr old truck that i have put 50,000 miles on in 2yrs driving back and forth to treatments for my sick child!!!!I wish to god i could say this was a nightmare and we woke up and she had never been sick and our lives were normal(whatever that means)again, but unfortunately i cant and i really wish people would leave us alone. We are only trying to survive and provide for our child and our family the best we can.I am sitting here seriously thinking of deleting Audrianna's Wish page because of all this and i really wanted to convert it to a non-profit as soon as i could raise the funds to do that so i could start helping other families like ours,but i dont know, im so depressed and sad that people are really posting evil things on her fundraiser page:( I did not ask for this fundraiser, a very nice family that follows audrianna on her wish page and has met her numerous times and held a fundraiser for her once before asked me if they could hold another one for her.I love Larry and Katie and i was thrilled when they asked if they could once again sponsor audrianna because they love her, i dont know why this has to be such a problem for other people,really is it jealousy or are they just that sad? I have helped many people on audri's wish page, i am forever posting things for other children and other families and nobody says anything about that, BUT let me post a fundraiser for my own child and im being GREEDY and EXPLOITING my child for that's just so wrong. My family will have a great christmas do you want to know why...BECAUSE WE WILL BE TOGETHER AND OUR DAUGHTER IS ALIVE,SOMETHING WE WERE TOLD ALMOST 2YRS AGO THAT SHE WOULDNT even if there are only a few things under the tree and a cake for baby jesus, my kids and i will be happy. Now for all of you that are so unhappy in your own lives that you have to attack us and belittle us do me a favor....GO AWAY AND GROW UP.