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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why do people hate??

It is a sad day when people start attacking the parents of a young child battling any type of disease because they are upset over the fact that her parents do fundraiser to help with medical costs and expenses.Because of these people and the fact that im tired of being accused of *using* my child to get things/money from people i have deleted the girls christmas wish list that so many of you asked me to post.I know the economy is hard on everyone right now and i know alot of people are worse off then we are and really if people didnt want to help they wouldnt have offered BUT i will find a way to help my children without having to be accused of anything from here on out.Yes we have had fundraisers for Audrianna just like every other family with a sick child has.What people dont understand is that there are so many other expenses other then insurance related ones when you have a sick child and life doesnt stop, the bills keep coming,just because you cant work because you have to stay home and take care of your child doesnt mean the rest of the world stops turning. There are gas expenses(which thank god now we have help with),food expenses,toys to make your child stop crying because you would give them anything to make them hurt less, Hotels,all things not convered by any type of insurance that you still have to pay.Where do people think this money comes from if not from fundraisers?? Audrianna spent 4 months in philly undergoing tandem stem cell transplants, that was 4 months we werent at home, 4 months we had to eat somewhere other then our house, gas back and forth to philly for my husband and all these things add up, its not like we have thousands of dollars in the bank or drive a fancy car or even a new car, we have a beater car for hubs work, and a 7yr old truck that i have put 50,000 miles on in 2yrs driving back and forth to treatments for my sick child!!!!I wish to god i could say this was a nightmare and we woke up and she had never been sick and our lives were normal(whatever that means)again, but unfortunately i cant and i really wish people would leave us alone. We are only trying to survive and provide for our child and our family the best we can.I am sitting here seriously thinking of deleting Audrianna's Wish page because of all this and i really wanted to convert it to a non-profit as soon as i could raise the funds to do that so i could start helping other families like ours,but i dont know, im so depressed and sad that people are really posting evil things on her fundraiser page:( I did not ask for this fundraiser, a very nice family that follows audrianna on her wish page and has met her numerous times and held a fundraiser for her once before asked me if they could hold another one for her.I love Larry and Katie and i was thrilled when they asked if they could once again sponsor audrianna because they love her, i dont know why this has to be such a problem for other people,really is it jealousy or are they just that sad? I have helped many people on audri's wish page, i am forever posting things for other children and other families and nobody says anything about that, BUT let me post a fundraiser for my own child and im being GREEDY and EXPLOITING my child for that's just so wrong. My family will have a great christmas do you want to know why...BECAUSE WE WILL BE TOGETHER AND OUR DAUGHTER IS ALIVE,SOMETHING WE WERE TOLD ALMOST 2YRS AGO THAT SHE WOULDNT even if there are only a few things under the tree and a cake for baby jesus, my kids and i will be happy. Now for all of you that are so unhappy in your own lives that you have to attack us and belittle us do me a favor....GO AWAY AND GROW UP.


  1. Whoever those people are asking you to stop doing things, they should be ashamed of themselves. If their child was facing those issues they should be doing the same thing. No child should be left alone to face such terrible issues. I will continue to keep Audrianna and your family in my prayers and if you need anything, please tell me. XOXOXO

  2. i am just wondering how i can recieve when of them bracelets??? i am interested in buying some.

  3. I am soo sorry that you have to go through this while you are fighting to keep your daughter alive. Let me say this, those people that say those nasty things have real issues! They do not convey what the majority of us (Audrianna's supporters) feel. I wish I was financially able to help with your daughter's christmas list but unfortunately I am a single mom of three kids and I lost my job over 6 months ago - but because of you and your strength I feel very blessed! Don't let those haters get to you because by doing that you let them win and you give them power. Hang tough and know there are MANY people who care about you and want only the best for you and your family!! -amyb

  4. I am so appalled that anyone would question fundraising for your child! I look at this angel and want to do anything I can to help! Please don't let the haters get to you! Know that there are far more decent, loving, caring people that will be there! Don't ever, ever, let the haters get you down! Post your christmas list, and the haters be damned!

  5. this breaks my heart to read this because they have no IDEA what pain you are going through with this whole situation. If they were put in your shoes they would know, they are miserable in their own lives and take it out on others. i read every posting you make and it breaks my heart that i wish i could do more than pray for you and the entire family and all of her little frieds. my dad has cancer he just got finished with chemo and radiation he is not sure yet for when he has the surgury and its hard for myself because my parents are divorced, they divorced back when i was about 8 years old. I live in NJ and he moved out to MI. Last year, God gave me a beautiful baby girl, which one day i would love for you little girl and your family to meet, i would also like my father to meet her as well but like you said the economy is rought. i can not begin to imagine what you are going through i give you so much strength and courage because if i was in you positon i wouldve lost it along time ago. you family is in my thoughts.


    i am also on your facebook page...heather osowski

  6. I agree completely with Bria's comment. Only the heartless would refuse to help a child in need and shame on them for putting down anyone who has the heart to help. Just because you don't have alot, doesn't mean that you can't give to those less fortunate. Sometimes it's the smallest gifts that mean the most. I say, don't give in the the cold-hearted and the jaded. Fight anyway you can because every life is special and bravo for doing all you can to make that life the best you can.

  7. Don't you worry about what people say.. You worry about you and your family.. Just because some irrelevant people were idiots.. Put your christmas list back up.. Let those who can and will- help! I know you are angry because I am too but DO NOT waste energy on anyone else... You do what you have to for your children and if that means you have to listen to morons then so be it! But do not ever apologize or explain to these people.. Hold your head high! For if it was their baby they would be doing the same.. I promise you!

  8. Dear Audriana's Parents.

    Dont let your heart be troubled. Focused on the positive but do not ignore the negative for together they balance the universe. It hurts sometimes to hear what some people say, but sometimes it is needed for you to hear it so that you may see the bright side of things. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS that She BRINGS JOY TO THOSE WHO LOVES HER. She is STILL ALIVE and with you and can handle the great sufferings that we all endure here on Earth. I just lost my mother, who raised me for 28 years, exactly a week ago and it hurts so much. However, it lifts up my soul knowing that she is no longer suffering here on Earth and that She is now in the Kingdom of God. I will see her again soon...

    My point is, There is a Yin and Yang in the universe. There will always be an ugly side to something so beautiful. Whenever there is LOVE, there will be HATE. A beginning will have an end, For there is Life, there is death.

    Dont let your heart be troubled.

    Put the wish list back up for those who CAN help.

    God Bless
    Michael Pe

  9. Ummm... U said it.. WTF! Which brings me to something else you said... That they are saying such evil things; ummm yes they are. And what "evil" stupid is, is what stupid does! Don't let some small minded creature bring you down, that is Dust in your eye compared to the situations your and sweet A have already done. Let God deal with them! You just keep dancing in the storm, and know that God is holding you and A tight through this storm, keep that list UP! Fuc!!! Them!!!sorry, but my true feelings!

  10. Audriana, you are stronger than I'll ever be~ My thoughts and prayers stay with you every day!!

    Jenna from New Hope

  11. I'm sorry. Don't feel bad. I had cancer when I was 2-5 and things worked out OK.
    Don't listen to those mean people...

  12. Angie,

    DO NOT let those ignorant people get to you or change anything about what you are doing for your family and for other people for that matter. I am continuing to pray for your and your family. You are the strongest person I know. I don't know anyone, including myself that can stay as strong as you are right now. Keep God in your life....they will have to answer to HIM!!

    Love you guys! If there is anything you need help with, please let me know!!

  13. I to had a child with cancer. He lost his battle in 2003. I did not do it alone. I had help from friends family and the Four Diamonds Fund. Which as we all know is funded from THON. I for know how much money goes into caring for a child that is sick. A mother does everything in her power to help her child by any means yesterday. So I say you keep on raising money cause the expenses will never stop.

  14. Please ignore the idiots, at the end of the day you are doing your best and that is all a family can do for their child. Please know that the genuine people out there support you 100%. Take care, may christmas be a happy time and 2011 the year when life starts to become easier for you all. Your shoulders could do with the weight being removed, you have all carried it too long.
    Gentle hugs to all :0)

  15. I dont know you and i just came accross your blog from Team unite. My son Konner was dx with Neuroblastoma at 2 months. I can totally relate to you. I have criticized alot. We have had alot of fundraiser for our son. But others have put them together for us and people seem to say that we need to get insurance and what not. Well we have insurance and they just dont know the full story. It costs alot to take care of a sick child. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone and to just be strong and not let people get you down. You have alot to be thankful for. Just ignore what people say because they will continue to say it. And all that matters is that your daughter is getting what she deserves and you guys are happy.

  16. I am a mom to a 7 year old named Faith who died in Aug from brain cancer. We had so many benefits. People said horrible things to us as well, but Faith;s dreams and life was more important than any negative person's comments to me. Don't ever let anyone stop you. Those people with nasty comments have no idea what it is like. Even the ones who do and still get mad well that is a problem within them. You post that list back up. Your baby deserves everything life, friends, and loved ones have to offer her. Be a proud mom and stand up for your baby. Delete the negative and do not ever let them stand in your way. It takes people like us to make a difference in the life of a cancer child. Be blessed.

    Sarah Worley

  17. Thank You all SOOOO Much for all of you comments and support. I was really very down after writing this and i havent been able to log back in here and send another blog because of it. Shannon thank you for sharing your *Angel's* story with me it meant alot:)
    Erin i hope that your baby is doing well and yes your right it takes alot of money to take care of a sick child even if you have insurance and the bills dont stop coming ever.
    Sarah...there are no words to express how much Faith's story touched me.Her wishlist seems to have touched alot of people and i am so happy to see that some of the celebrities she loved came out to help make things special for her. Audrianna LOVES Hannah Montana but we havent had any luck meeting her and after all the failure we kind of gave up trying. She would also Love to meet Mirand Cosgrove from iCarly,Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers lol she is also a Disney fanatic:) She also went to Disney and got to stay at GKTW which is such an amazing place for children.
    ALL of you have restored my faith and made me realize i shouldnt let negative people affect the things i do for my child....thank YOU!!!!!!