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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter egg hunt and Easter Bunny

Last year for Easter we were in the hospital being diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and my daughter cried not because she was sick but because she was afraid the bunny wouldnt be able to find her! This year for Easter we are waiting for results to tell us if she is N.E.D. AND she got to goto an Easter Egg Hun and Meet the Easter Bunny!!!!! What a difference a Year makes and i am so thankful to the powers that be for letting her have this experience today, for giving her quality of life this Easter so that she could meet the bunny. It's funny because we are going into the hospital on the 29th of march to start the immunotherapy and we will be home 2 days before Easter and again all she was worried about was missing the bunny lol but i had to promise her we would be home and get to spend it with her sister this year....SO GOD....NO SURPRISES....Dont make me have to break that promise or ima get medieval on your Arse!!!!!!
Ok now that im totally exhausted after a very long fun filled day with my girls and some awesome friends its time to call it a night!

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