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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day at the Hospital

So today was a very long stressfull day. We had to be at the hospital by 10am and we didnt leave the hospital till almost 5pm. Audrianna couldnt eat all day because she was going to be sedated at 3pm for a Cat Scan soooooo needless to say she was very miserable because she wanted food.Mommy and Daddy couldnt eat either because its just RUDE to eat in front of your child that cant have anything even if Your starving and you have diabtes and are supposed to eat every few hours.So by the time we left the hospital we were all starving and cranky but we went to Audrianna's favorite chinese buffet and she had the Hibatchi guy cook shrimp with brown sauce for her and then everyone was happy!! Now we WAIT for the results of the CT to see if they find anymore tumors(god please dont let that happen) or if they see nothing at all!! Then Next week we have the MIBG Scan and if both are clear she will be N.E.D.(no evidence of disease).Then we are having the biggest bday party for her in May and its going to be a bday/I kicked cancers Ass party!!!!!!!!!!! So everyone please keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming that my beautiful little girl comes through this horrible disease on the Good side and we can have one more Warrior not one more Angel gettin her wings:)

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