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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good day with family

Audrianna's night didnt go so well with all the pain from the chemo but she has had a good morning so far,her cousins came to visit this morning.Our family is so spread out that we dont get to see alot of them and abby and tyler live in virginia beach with there mom,stepdad and new baby brother Abram.Today Audrianna and I got to see all of them and hold the new baby, she was thrilled to hold a new baby and play with her cousins.Today for 2hours she was a normal kid, playing ball in the hallway and coloring with Abby and Tyler.Tyler was being goofy just to make her laugh and hearing her laugh again gives me hope.The resiliance of a child is amazing,her body is in pain but her spirit is not.I cried in the bathroom where she couldnt see me while she was laughing and playing with her cousins, i cried with grief and joy,joy that she was so happy and grief that this laughter might be something that is going to be so far apart.She is so tired after playing and with the chemo running but she is fighting it because she knows other people are coming to visit her today.She also doesnt want to drink and has developed a bad cough that the doctors are watching:( But at least for 2hours she got to dance and laugh!

1 comment:

  1. That is good to know Mommy! I am happy that Audriana had a good time. Hearing her laughter is indeed heart warming!

    God bless precious Audry!!