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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Audrianna's Journey

My Daughter Audrianna who is 3 1/2 yrs old, she was diagnosed with Stage IV High Risk Mync Amplified Neuroblastoma on April 8th 2009 which was 1 month before her 3rd Birthday.Audrianna had a tumor that took up 90% of her stomach and was wrapped around her vena cava and had metastisized into her lungs, liver, kindneys and bones. Lets just say her doctors told us her diagnosis was not good and that we had a very tough fight on our hands. Since she was diagnosed she has undergone 6 rounds of chemo and surgery to remove her turmor.The chemo managed to get rid of all the spots she had in her organs and the only thing other then the tumor she ended up losing was her left adrenal gland which she can live without. After her surgery she underwent 2 stem cell transplants because thats what her protocol called for.She just finished 4 weeks of radiation and now we are waiting 2 weeks before we go back for her MIBG Scan and Her CT scan to see if she is N.E.D. Then at the end of the month we start acutane,immunotherapy and ILP.Audrianna still has about another 6 months of treatment even if she N.E.D(no evidence of disease)One of the side effects of the chemo was hearing loss, not total hearing loss just her high frequencies, my husband was very bothered by this but as far as im concerned wearing a hearing aide and being alive is Great!I am telling her story so that other parents out there can see that no matter how bad it looks when your child is diagnosed with cancer the future can be brighter and you should never give up Hope.

Angela aka Audrianna's Mommy

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  1. Angela this is such a touching story, I pray for Audri everyday right along with Emalee! I hope all her scans are NED and she breezes through phase 3! She's a fighter and will be a survivor!!!! With love, Tara, Emalee's Mom