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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chemo Is Working!! Inpatient for a week

Well while everyone else was eating turkey and having a great time we were worried and pacing waiting for the news on Audrianna's Scans...Thankfully on Friday which is the day we celebrated Thanksgiving so we could wait for my youngest brother to be with us we got the call from the Doctor and recieved the best news EVER...the chemo is working YAY...the tumor is shrinking and now its not showing MIBG activity which is sooooo awesome...BUT and yes there is always a BUT with her Adrenal Gland is lighting up again, they are hoping its just old scar tissues which sometimes happens...So now we are having 4 more rounds of chemo and then we will do a new CT Scan and another MIBG Scan to compare them and see how it looks...the docs added Vancristine this round so now she is taking 3 chemos and they upped the dosage on her Ironotecan...her belly is feeling yucky and she has a small case of diarhea but otherwise its going really well. The doctor told me he has never seen a kid have good results and then have bad again so he is VERY OPTIMISTIC that the next round of scans should be even better news(at least thats what i got out of his doctor speak for i cant really give you statistics lol) ANYWAY i just wanted to give a quick update on how she was feeling and let everyone know this week is hard but not as hard as it has been....thank you all for caring and praying....Love Angela and Audrianna!


  1. Wonderful news! We're rooting for Audrianna!

  2. I had been very worried. I'm quite glad that the tests were encouraging.

  3. same here...waiting to here and praying every second in between...know that you are loved.

  4. peacegal is my blogger account...i am judi pilla and i am with your fight via dari.