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Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 weeks at home

Hi everyone i know i havent posted in a while but whenever we are home things get really hectic trying to squeeze every minute out of the day!!Audrianna and Kyra are so happy to be together and goto school that the running never stops which is an awesome thing.Audrianna was so happy to goto school and be able to participate in trick-or-treating with her sister this year. We originally picked out adorable witch costumes for both of them and then we got hit with a HUGE Snowstorm that dropped 14inches of snow on our town lol so out went the witches and thanks to a very good friend Tina they got to be ScoobyDoo and Dot the Ant from the movie Ants...Both girls were thrilled with the new costumes and i was able to put there snowsuits under the costumes so they were nice and snuggly warm when we went out.I took them to a safe trick or treat in a gated community that held there's from 2-4pm which was awesome so we were out with the sun when it was 35degrees out instead of at night when it was 20 lol the girls had a great time and so did i.

Unfortunately then Kyra got sick with the flu and of course i blamed myself because i let them play in the snow and took them out for yes i know thats crazy they didnt get sick from that but still as a mom ya always blame yourself. Audrianna held out for a few days and so did mommy but then we both got sick also. The girls havent gone to school in 3 days and im hoping they can go back tomorrow..fingers crossed!

Audrianna and I have decided to help out our hospitals oncology floor for christmas and we have started a Christmas Blanket/pillowcase/Hat/Scarf/Toy/games for the playroom anything you can give drive!!!! We are hoping to have lots of stuff to hand out to the kids this year. The one thing Audrianna always looks forward to when she goes to the hospital is asking the volunteers from child life for a new blanket and pillowcase and then arts and crafts to do in her room. For the last 3 months they havent had any blankets because there supply has run low and i know alot of the kids love to get them so we are hoping to replenish the supply and be able to give each kid a new blanket for christmas and hopefully a few other things:)
Here is the link and we hope that some of you can join us in making this christmas a little better for the oncology kids at Janet Weis Childrens Hospital!!/event.php?eid=289612344393746

Speaking of hospital's we go in for the next round of chemo on monday november 7th and then 3weeks after that we do scans to see if the chemo is working!

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