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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3rd day rd3 chemo

Day 3 started off ok but then Audrianna wasnt feeling so well in the afternoon,she got a belly ache and was very cranky. So Audrianna and Mommy spent 4hrs in her room watching the Lion King and Lion King Part 2 until she felt better.Audrianna has made a new friend named Bailey who is 6yrs old and has leukemia, Bailey is in the room next to us and hasnt been feeling well either so today when they were both feeling better for a little while the girls went to the playroom and colored together.It was good for both of them because they both seemed to get there energy back for a bit before they went back to there rooms to sleep.
It's sad to watch them both suffer but yet it was good to see them both be kids for at least a little while.They already have plans to play together tomorrow and Bailey invited Audrianna to her little sisters birthday party tomorrrow which is just so very sweet.
I am hoping that tomorrow is a better day and that the chemo doesnt make her sick again. Usually day 3,4 and 5 are when she starts to have side effects and feel yucky,so im hoping the next 2 days just fly by and she doesnt get sick.
Well audrianna is asleep so mommy better get some sleep. Night all

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