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Monday, October 17, 2011

Round 3 of chemo and a conversation about heaven

Today Audrianna and i left for the hospital to be admitted for her 3rd round of chemo, first we went for breakfast at friendlys so she could see her Aunt Dena before we left and of course she got balloons as she was leaving.

Audrianna always makes a wish with her balloons so before she sent the balloon off she asked me if Sommer was still in the hospital and i said no baby she isnt.Before i could say anything else she sent the balloon off and yelled i love you Sommer! When she turned around and asked me if Sommer would see her balloon i said yes baby she will see it all the way in heaven, and she said so Sommer is in heaven now mommy and i said yes baby...she then asked if Kelly had met Sommer when she got to Heaven and was she taking care of her...i said yes baby im sure she did...then Audrianna the wisest child i know said Well Mommy now when it thunders i'll know its Sommer Bowling for me(because they always played Wii Bowling together) and then she said and when i play Bowling on the Wii i know Sommer will be watching.Audrianna asked me why Sommers Mommy didnt goto Heaven with her to take care of her and i had to explain that people dont always goto heaven together but that there is always someone there that loves you when you get there and Sommers mommy had to stay behind to take care of her sister...Then Audrianna said you know mommy...the Blessed Mother watches over us from Heaven and i said yes baby she does and Audrianna said and now she is Taking Care of Sommer till her Mommy can goto heaven to be with her....Let me tell you i was so glad i was driving and she was sitting behind me so she couldnt see my face because the tears were streaming down my face.It always amazes me that children can see things so clearly when we cant. I am so glad that she can believe in god and the blessed mother and heaven when i myself am having such a hard time believing in anything.I never discourage what she believes because thats what makes her feel better but as for me i believe in Angel's because then i know she will be taken care of if something happens BUT i have a hard time with the all powerful god after sitting in this hospital.
Once we got to the hospital we went to clinic and got our blood draws and admission papers and then we went back to valet parking to get our car and have lunch just to find out the car wouldnt start uugh so we had AAA tow it home and now we are here for a week with no car which means i cant go get her things she likes to eat and i have to hope she will eat the hospital food.Hopefully when her *Uncle* Denny gets back off the road he can get the car fixed for us and maybe he will even deliver it lol that would be awesome(hint hint lol hope your reading this denny).
Audrianna did very good with her chemo today and hasnt had any adverse effects so far thank goodness.She is having a good day and she even got a visit from the therapy dogs and got to see her favorite *Miss Karen and Shooter* who always bring a smile to her face-:)
I talked to our Oncology Team today and in 2weeks after this round of chemo they will do a CT Scan and An MIBG Scan to see if the tumor has reduced,stayed the same,grown or gone away. And then they will decide if she continues this chemo or if we are done. If the tumor is stable they will contine for another 3rounds and then do more scans and add a 3rd chemo to the mix to keep the tumor stabilized and hopefully help it shrink. So please everyone keep the postive thoughts coming and hopefully in 2 weeks when she gets scans we will get GREAT results instead of bad results.


  1. Hugs to you and Audrianna. She is such a remarkable little girl.

  2. I have know idea how you stay so strong. Nothing seems to go easy for you guys. Those little girls are so lucky to have you as their mother. You guys are always in my thoughts.

  3. Your daughter is wise beyond her years. I am in tears after reading this. I will pray for her that she be blessed with good health and no more chemo.

  4. omg reading this has me in tears, audrianna is such a special little girl and so wise beyond her years, iam wishing with all my heart that her results are good. i will be praying so hard for her and your entire family. if you need anything at all please let me know *hugs*

  5. I just found your blog and I wanted to comment to let you know that there is someone out here who has had her marriage destroyed by NB, fought beside an angel for 4.5 years and had to deal with an indescribable loss. I feel for you, Angela. I'd like to talk more if you'd like. Adamsshelly at gmail dot com