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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today was probably worse then yesterday and i didnt think that was possible uugh.The day started out fine because she wasnt getting chemo till 330,so she got to eat lunch, play in the playroom and make a new friend named Kaylana which was very very nice. BUT was time for chemo grrrrr and welcome to HELL.
Audrianna said she would take the chemo with chocolate milk and then decided it was so gross she wasnt taking it.We tried everything till she was finally so upset and hysterical she asked the nurse to put in an NG Tube so she didnt have to taste it.Well the nurses dcided to give her what she wanted and came in with the tube and her favorite male nurse Jason. As soon as audrianna saw the tube she started freaking out and crying and telling Jason ill drink it..ill drink it ...i dont want the tube. After almost an hour and half of fighting with her she drank the meds wit Jason and didnt get the tube.
My heart was breaking just to hear my baby ask for an NG tube, you know the chemo is bad when a 5yr old would rather be held down for a tune down there throat then swallow it.:( Audriana got some bendaryl after that cause she was so upset and took a nap. When she woke up there was a beautiful care package for Audrianna from the Group from THON pennstate hazleton campus, and it was the first time she smiled all day She is right now sleeping with the blankie and pillow pet....THANK YOU HAZLETON THON!!!!!! You made a sick young girl very happy today.

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