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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 3 and 4 of chemo

Day 3 of chemo was just as bad as the first 2 days lots of crying and fighting not to take the yucky chemo.She was so upset that even Uncle Denny had tears in his eyes and wanted to yell no dont make her take it leave her alone,but he didnt he just stood there trying to bribe her along with the rest of us. After she took her chemo she wanted benadryl cause her belly hurt and she was whiped out so she napped for 3hours after that. THEN her day got so much brighter because she got a surprise visit from a couple of wonderful beautiful girls that dressed as Princess Cinderella and Princess Bell for her and brought her presets, made christmas ornaments with her and colored. Audrianna gave them Team Audrianna Shirts and after having a wonderful 3hr princess party they all took pictures together in the shirts before they went home.
I am so thankfull to have wonderful people in our lives that do things like this to help her smile.

Today is day 4 of chemo hell week and we tried to trick her into taking the nasty chemo. Her nurse mixed it with her antibiotic and we gave it to her with a syringe lol i pushed abotu 3/4 of it into her mouth and she swallowed and yelled ewww that has chemo in fooling this kid i tell ya.We spent the next 20mins or so trying to get her to take the lil bit that was left uggh i sometimes wish she wasnt so smart lol but there was no crying or screaming today so that make4s today a much better day.
Now she is in the playroom with her sister....YES i said sister wooohooo she was finally well enough for her grandparents to bring her to visit.Kyra was so excited because the princesses left her a present also, and it matched her sisters!

Audrianna is just happy to have her sister, nana, and poppa john visiting her and we are all in the playroom right now playing dont break the ice...thank goodness for the little things that help us get through the day!

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  1. keep smiling, Audriana...we're all behind you, gorgeous!!!! You have a bezillion people praying for you and sending you good wishes. xxxx