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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 6

Today Audrianna was starting to feel better and we thought we were going to be able to go home tomorrow BUT then she fell off a chair in her room face first and broke her Nose....uughh.....i feel so bad because she was sitting on my lap when it happened. First the surgeons didnt think it was broken but then they had the head radiologist look at it again and it is fractured, so now tomorrow we have to get a consult from ENT Surgery to see if they think they need to do something to fix it or if they are just going to let it heal on there own....she already has a Fat lip, Swollen Nose and one eye is starting to turn black and blue so by tomorrow she should be really colorful. When Audrianna went for her CT today she did it without sedation for the first time ever!!!! Dr.Walsh bribed her with a unicorn pillow pet lol and she wanted that pillow so bad she stopped crying and held perfectly still to get it.Then it was back to our room for chinese food which she told me was the ONLY thing that would make her stop crying(man am i a sucker or what?) and then some medicine and a nap. Nana,Poppa John ,Aunt Michelle and Rhianna came to visit and cheered her up with some Farting Puddy that she got from Jordan omg it's so gross but so funny and i was just so thankfull they made her smile and laugh before they left. Our Friend Jordan works at the hospital and we met her through our dear friend Kelly Sledzinski who is Audrianna's Angel, Kelly passed away 2yrs ago but her friends and family have always kept Audrianna in there thoughts and prayers and been very good to her...Thank You Jordan for the Farting Puddy and the beautiful smile on my babies face tonight!!


  1. Sweet Audrianna please feel better!!!!!! Sorry I missed coming up and making you smile!!!! Sending lots of love from Aunt Karen and Uncle Mike!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  2. Thinking of you Audrianna! Hugs and prayers are being sent your way!

  3. I am so sorry.....Things have got to turn around for the good. . . In Jesus name. . . Amen

  4. Please don't feel guilty. You're doing everything you can for your kids.