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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

Audrianna is having Surgery on Friday August 19th to try and have her tumor resected, if they cant get the whole tumor out they will just biopsy the tumor to see what we are dealing with.The doctors are hoping they can get the whole thing but its in a very bad spot so they arent sure till they get in there. The docs say it doesnt look like its wrapped around her Aorta or her Spine or her bowels so they are hoping they can get it out without any problem but its in such a tight spot they arent sure. Oncology isnt sure if we are still dealing with Neuroblastoma or not because her urine levels were fine,so it could have mutated into a different type of cancer or it can be a benign tumor which is what im praying for. If it has mutated that could be a good thing or a bad thing, good because then they will have different treatments to use on her that she has never gotten before....bad cause it could be something worse not better uughh the waiting and the worrying is the worse part. They could go in there, cut her open and find out its benign and we worried all this time about relapse for nothing BUT really in my cancer mom heart i dont think thats what they will find because it has NEVER been that easy, yet in my logical brain im trying with all my might to BELIEVE that is the case. One of the hardest things about watching your child go through something like this is you never know whats going to be thrown at you/her next.I have found in the last 2 1/2 yrs of treatment for Audrianna that there is NEVER good news without bad news following and that to get your hopes up in anyway always means having them crushed later.Our Family is trying so hard to stay positive...keep our chins up and know she will be ok...but its a really really hard and scary place for us right now-:( ....i am asking all of you whether your atheist,catholic,whatever....please ask the universe, the goddess, god, or whatever else you talk to for guidance to help Audrianna through this surgery. The doctors say if all goes well she might be able to come home monday, if there are complications we could be there much longer. I dont always have computer access there but i will try and keep everyone updated and informed on how things are the bartol family!


  1. Best wishes and a prayer. More prayers to follow.

  2. Million of.prayers from my circle to yours.

  3. Good luck!!! She is a strong girl and I just know she will be okay. Your family is in my prayers!! Stay strong Mom!

  4. Angela , Audrianna is always in our prayers but tomorrow we will kick in a few extra ones . Don't bleed till you're shot ! Yeah I know , easier said than done right ?

  5. Will put the family in prayer with everyone I can

  6. Stay strong and positive, she has come so far and she will kick this in the butt as well. She is a warrior and a fighter. I will be praying for all of you <3

  7. Praying for herm Parents please stay strong! I had cancer 3 1/2 yrs ago and i am still in remission by the grace of GOD, He hears your cries and everyones prayers! She will pull out of it and be ok! I have faith in GOD that this will be ok!!!

    God Bless you all and praying all the time!

    (Just an idea-I use this all the time now and you can have your daughter decorate it and then sit down with her and write your worries on pieces of papers and put them in a shoe box that is taped shut and no one can open it! The box is called "Something for GOD to do Box"!

    And another box you can make is memory box and when she is sad she can look through cards, letters, pictures and so on!

  8. Lord,

    Bring this family peace in the midst of this storm. I pray that you would heal their little girl. Be with the doctors, only allow the best and most perfect people for the job in there working on her. I pray they get it all. Hold her parents when their strength is gone. Thank you for this family. Bless them, heal her. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

    Be blessed