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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tomorrow is Scan Day

As i sit here tonight watching my 2 beautiful little girls sleep all i can think is please please please let the scan come back normal...please please please dont make me have to tell them any bad news, please let them continue to be children not Small Adults, which is what kids with cancer and there siblings become. I think every adult in my family is terrified of tomorrow, terrified this scan will show relapse and we dont know how to deal with that...But we are also trying with all we have to be POSITIVE and say she is NOT RELAPSING she is so tough and she has already beaten this so there is no way in hell this scan will come back bad.I think the worst part of the scan is the wait to find out the results, the waiting is enough to make you crazy and your hair turn grey overnight. I ask that anyone reading this says a special prayer to god/the universe/the goddess...anything you believe in and ask them to please let Audrianna still be N.E.D. and not have to suffer anymore!!!!!!
On a Postive note after her scan we are going to act like nothing happened for a bit and get in the family car and drive to Columbus Ohio so the girls can participate in a Fashion show Hosted by Nellie's Catwalk for Kids, they are going to be Models and they are super excited. I have always said i would NEVER stop Audrianna from doing anything she wanted to do incase there were no tomorrows, so even though we have the scan results hanging over our heads we are still going to let her be the best Model she can Be<3 Thank You Nellie for Making this trip possible and sponsoring our family so that we were able to travel to Ohio and be a part of this!!!!!
Goodnight everyone, dont forget those special prayers tonight<3

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