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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Audrianna went to knoebels with her Grandparents today and she had the best time! AWhen she got home she told me she rode the roller coaster with Poppy and she had her hands in the Air lol and poppy yelled but she didnt, hehe gotta love a 3yr old. She also went on the train which is one of her favorites and she did the cars and the whip with her uncles. Audri doesnt care for the slow rides she is a daredevil and likes to go on the fast/scary thrill rides, i think its because since she has had cancer nothing else is as scary as what she goes through everyday. It is now 12:30 and she just made her dad take her to mcdonalds because she is to hungry to sleep and wanted a chicken sandwich lol between McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken we are going to go broke feeding her!!!!!! I am just happy she eats and i dont care if i have to spend every last dime to give her *the fat belly* she wants. She told her doctors she needed to get a Big butt and a Fat belly so her pants stop falling off! I think by the time she comes back she will be asleep in the car and will have to eat her chicken sandwich tomorrow:) Ok im gonna post more tomorrow before we goto the hospital. night all


  1. Bless her heart about her wanting a fat belly and butt to stop her trousers falling down. She's a wonderful little girl, I bet you are so proud of her.

  2. Hi, you know my aunt had cancer who passed away, and she's always in my heart, your little girl will always be in your heart. I'm 11 but don't worry no matter what happens, she's always with you! God bless her. Give her my warm wishes.
    Love, Adam