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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Audrianna's Wish and News Coverage

Ok i have to say i am completely amazed at all the wonderful people out there that are trying to help audrianna get her wish!!!!When Heather started the wish page for Audri i never expected all this attention omg in 4 days over 30,000 fans.Our Local newspapers and News Station have picked up the story and run with it, Maybe just Maybe she will get her wish after all!!!! I just want to say Thank You to EVERYONE that is trying to make this happen for my beautiful babygirl. I also want to thank all the people offering to do fundraisers and helping to raise money for her medical expenses.It has been a year since Audrianna's diagnosis and it has not been an easy ride and it has been very financially draining on our family, so the outpouring of help from all of you touches my heart in a way that i cant even describe.I am sitting here completely choked up writing this, the feelings i have right now im not even sure i can put into words other then.....GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!
Love the Bartol Family


  1. Love you Angela! Take care of yourself & the girls. :) We've got your back now!

  2. No ... God bless YOU !
    We most of the time don't know why we're here on this earth, in this life.
    But when we're lucky we touch the lifes of the people around us, so they'll remember us.
    I think this sweet girl, and her family, have touched the hearts of a lot of people.
    I hope this rocky road will have a peaceful ending.
    Love, Ellen

  3. I found your facebook page today, and I was touched by this story, to tell you the truth, it made me cry! I will be praying for her and your family, though I do not know you, I will be reading this blog and hoping that everything turns out for you and your family! I hope she gets her wish!

    God Bless, Sarah. Watertown, NY.

  4. I happened upon this website about 2 months ago from a friends email on facebook. It struck me so much because I lost my father a few years back to cancer ( a brain tumor ) so......... I can't even imagine what it's like for you to go through this along side your baby girl. My heart aches for your daughter and your family everytime I check in to see how things are going. I hope today she is a little less uncomfortable because I remember everyday seemed to bring on new challenges for us when my dad was sick. My prayers are with you. You are that little girls Rock! I hope you know that it's "YOU" that keeps her fighting. Your strength is what she takes from to keep up the fight. I have so much respect for mother's like you. Your little girl is very lucky to have you there to walk this road with her.

    With much Love and Prayers,
    Another mother in California