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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Course of Action

I talked to the doctor today and after he talked to chop and sloan kettering who both said there is nothing else they can do unless she has the Alk Gene(which we wont know for 2-4weeks)we have decided to take her home to heal from her surgery as soon as she is able to go and then bring her back the first week of october for one very intense round of high dose chemo which is going to make her very very sick,just to see if it has any effect on the tumor at all...and also this way she will be stable enough to go on her Disney Trip from the 12th of November to the 18th and not have to worry while we are there.By then we should have results of the Genetic Testing and know our next step...does she have the gene and get the treatment of does she go home and continue to fullfill all the things she wants to do on her bucket list....................................................................................I want to Thank EVERYONE that has come forward to help with the things she has listed on her bucket list, so many people want to help and have or are trying to its amazing to me to see the love for her that all of you have and i want you all to know that it has given me knew hope, and even if she doesnt have the Gene Marker for the therapy i know she will and we will be Ok because there will be NO REGRETS on anything we have decided to do.....The Wheelchair for her American Girl doll was taken care of by so many people before i even knew it was happening i was amazed...I need to tell you all a story of 2 beautiful little girls...Twin daughters of my friend Angela who are a around Audrianna's age and have met her a few times and been praying for her constantly since her bday party 2yrs ago when they first met in person, there mom told them Audrianna wanted the american girl doll wheelchair and they had one so they asked her to please give it to Audrianna since she deserved to have that just shows the generosity of a childs heart...i said no i didnt want to take a toy from them and there beautiful mom said...please let them do this it would mean so much to them that i said yes and she dropped it off for Audrianna at my moms house....Believe me im sure there are more coming in the mail as there were tons of responses to that one request but this one meant the world to Me...Thank You Girls we love you!!!!!!!! Everyone that has donated to her paypal we thank you, everyone that is working so hard on getting her a helicopter ride your amazing and we thank you....The people working on the Hot Air Balloon ride...Thank YOU!!!!! The swimming with Dolphins is going to Happen also and we cannot say Thank You Enough, i dont think Thank You are strong enough words at this moment for all the Love and Support we have been given but i dont know what else to say!!!!!!!..............................................................................Audrianna is feeling better since they have gotten her pain under control and yesterday she had wonderful visitors, her beautiful friends that she met from Pennstate Hazleton's THON program who are now mostly in state college drove all the way here yesterday...Bought her a REAL Hot Pink Guitar and stayed to play and cheer her up, she WALKED for the first time while they were here,she smiled for the first time and played like a kid for the first time....I can NEVER Thank Sam,Tara and Marques enough for that couple hours of peace they gave us yesterday...Poor Marques was such a good sport when she PAINTED HIS FINGERNAILS RAINBOW COLORS lmao the look on his face when she asked was priceless but he did it just to see her smile, these kids have such good hearts and i love them all so much...they are FRAMILY(friends who have become family)and i am thankfull everyday they came into our lives...WE ARE PENNSTATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then later in the day her friend Kaylana came to visit and they played together for a while......And then Amy came to visit and brought her a cheeseburger just Ketchup,Fries and NO DRINK lmao because that is what the princess ordered and Amy loves her and was such a good sport even when Audrianna wasnt feeling good and asked her to leave after a half hour, her neice brooke was amazing and wanted to take a picture with Audrianna so she could get her school to do something for pediatric cancer awareness...god i love kids! Thank You Amy for coming all the way here it meant alot........Oh and Matt she hasnt stopped talking about you sending her a picture back sticking your tounge out hehe she loved that!!!!!....................... Last night Audrianna went to bed exhausted and in a lil pain from overdoing it but happier then she has been in over a week so it was well worth it and i actually slept knowing she was ok..................................................................... This has been a very long roller coaster of a week with all the ups and downs and the news that the tumor is wrapped around her aorta and her diaphram and moving into her lungs and there is nothing surgical they can do and maybe nothing at all because its chemo resistant now and i have been slowly losing my mind and going crazy trying to be strong and plan out everything we are going to do to make her last days happy if it comes to that But yesterday i got to forget all that for just a lil bit and just be glad she was happy and now i feel renewed like i can take on the world at least for today, so no losing hope, no giving up, no giving in till the end we fight....Love You ALL and Thank You for Loving us xoxoxox Angela, Audrianna and Family


  1. are such a wonderful mom. And your post today made me smile. Audrianna will feel better because YOU feel better.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers as always...

  2. stay strong momma, take it "one minute at a time".... "trying is succeeding", you can't succeed if you don't try. Two personal quotes I live by everyday. I now pass them on to you. My thoughts are with you and your family.
    Lisa K

  3. Thank you for sharing your baby with us & your lives .... I love you both & you are both very close to my heart. Heaven has to be "bombarded" with prayer for you both. You're a wonderful mom & Audrianna is a beautiful very lucky little girl to have you.
    I pray every day for a miracle for her & for your strength. You said it best, never give up hope. I love you Angela.