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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scranton for Aimee's Army Cancer Walk This Weekend

So this week has been a whirlwind of different thing since we came home from the hospital. Audrianna and Kyra were so excited to finally see each other again and be able to hug and kiss.Our wonderful friend Dari McManus THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER aka Auntie Dari went to the hospital with us for the week and then came back to the house and took pictures of the girls.She catches the soul's of the children she photographs and she travel's all over taking pictures of Sick Children,sometimes they are the last pictures that the parents have to hold onto later.One of the pictures she took of my girls speaks volumes and im going to post it here to show just how precious of a gift she gave me.

When it was time for Dari to head to scranton to help get things ready for the walk our wonderful friends Annette and Jennifer came to pick her up and of course they played with the girls for a while and here is the picture of them...Our Family..before they left.

Once everyone was gone it was back to normal lol whatever that is. Girls went to school and Audrianna was so happy to be back with her class. Then when they came home from school we went through all there clothes,toys and blankets and put about 8 garbage bags together for the victims of the horrible flood we had last week. I am so proud of my girls, they went through and picked out all the stuff they wanted to give to kids that didnt have anything.My girls gave away clothes that still had tags on them that they never wore because they wanted the *flood kids* to have new stuff too!!!!As a mom i was never so proud because i know that i have done something right in raising them,they both have very generous souls.<3

Now we are getting ready for a wonderful weekend in Scranton,Pa with our Cancer Family at the Pediatric Cancer Walk held in Honor of Aimee Dickey by her wonderful Mom Annette who keeps Aimee's Army running just as Aimee wanted. Audrianna gets to be one of the Golden Children and help cut the ribbon for the walk and she is so excited. The walk is Saturday September 17th at Nayug Park in Scranton and it starts at 10am. We love the fact that we get to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and raise money to find a cure and help stop this damn disease from killing our babies!!!!!!!! Hope to see some of you there:)
Have a good weekend everyone and we will see you all on monday, hopefully with New Pictures by our wonderful friend Auntie Dari<3

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