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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chemo week

Audrianna,Auntie Dari McManus and I all checked into the hospital for chemo on wednesday morning.So far Audrianna is doing well with the chemo, other then complaining her tummy hurts and a little bit of itching she is feeling good.Eating isnt going so well though,she asks for food and then takes a bite and doesnt like it and wants something else,today we went to the cafeteria 3 times and i think she ate maybe 2 bites each time!!!! Audrianna's friend Karson is in the room next to us and she loves playing with *Her Baby Karson* all day when they are both feeling ok, and Karson's dad Brian has been keeping both of them laughing which is a great thing.The flooding here in danville is pretty bad and we havent been able to get any visitors since all the roads leading in and out of here are closed,audrianna is upset because nobody came to visit her but i keep telling her its not because they dont want to...its because they cant...but she is 5 and omg is she MAD!!!! She keeps asking if the hurrican is over so the rivers will go down and stop flooding so people can come visit lol she misses her sister and wants her here NOW she told me earlier. Im just glad she is feeling well enough to be mad!!!!!!!

So I spent wednesday night in the ER getting my foot looked at...last week i got glass in my foot and now my foot is INFECTED and Painful because i kept saying i dont have time to goto the doctor(im a mom,who has no time for herself) it will be fine and cleaning it with peroxide and putting a bandaid with triple antibiotic cream on it,BUT once we goto the hospital it got very painful so off to the ER i went...the ER doc did an xray and said there isnt any glass left in there and gave me CIPRO for the infection, so i am hobling around in pain while Auntie Dari chases Audrianna which makes both of them extremely happy. Hopefully i can get the infection under control because as a diabetic thats one thing i have to worry about alot is keeping my feet healthy!

Oh well i will keep you all updated on audrianna and myself tomorrow!!!!! To all our Friends and Family in the path of this horrible flood, please be Safe, our thoughts and prayers are with you<3

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