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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stressfull week

This has been a very stressfull week in our house. Audrianna is alot of work by herself with the line care and the medicine and then add in a sick 2yr old and UUGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh and did i say UUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH? Also we have the worry for Audri and Kyra's Poppy who is in Manhattan at the VA Hospital and just had Major surgery to remove an aneurism off his Aorta in his tummy:( Poppy is in ICU right now and will remain there for a few days and then have at least 2 weeks of recovery time and he is very far from home and alone so please everyone keep him in your prayers:(....Thankfully today Kyra seems to be feeling better and we got to go out of the house and meet some nice people. Ellen at The Cyber Calf Restaurant was very sweet to the girls today and made sure they both got cream of broccoli soup and she humored Audrianna when she decided she didnt like turkey and wanted ham on her sandwich instead! Mike and Tony from Wazl came and met Audrianna and had her sign some of her Audrianna Bracelets for them with her initials! She was thrilled someone wanted her autograph lol it was really cute and it made her day. The Cyber Calf is selling Audrianna's Bracelets and her Vinyl Window stickers all you have to do is stop in and ask for them if you live locally. After the cafe we went to Nana's House for a bit, then we went to the Bizarre in the heights and let the girls play a few games, eat some food and dance. Once we left there we picked up Daddy from work, went to Bonanza for dinner with our favorite waitress there Rhonda and had a nice talk with an old friend Bernadette:) So the night ended on a better note then the day started THANK GOD. Going to put the girls to sleep right now and have them pray for poppy's speedy recovery...Night all!

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