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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Been a While

Hi Everyone,
I know i havent posted in a while but its been a very busy summer for us so far. Audrianna is doing very well right now, she completed her last round of chemo 2 weeks ago and we have been hitting the amusement parks since then!!!! The first week of september we will be getting new scans to find out if the tumor they found 6 months ago is gone or if its still growing. Audrianna's doctors are very optimistic and we are all hoping to here the words N.E.D.(no evidence of disease). It's very hard for me as a mom to get my hopes up because it seems like everytime that i do there is more bad news, so right now we are just living for today and hoping that tomorrow is as bright as right now.Audrianna is going to start Pre-school on August 25th which is a HUGE step for our whole family especially considering when she was diagnosed we didnt know if she would make it a month to her 3rd bday so this is an awesome Milestone!!!!! I want to thank all of you that pray for her daily and to everyone out there that has supported our family through all of this, Your love and support has helped keep us going. On a sad note another beautiful little girl named Katie passed away today from this Horrible disease called Neuroblastoma and our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with her family right now:( please pray that her parents and little sister can make it through this:(
I am thankful everyday that Audrianna seems to be getting better but omg the fear of relapse is never and i mean NEVER far from the front of your mind when your child has cancer:( I am including a picture of Audrianna and 2 of her beautiful friends from the Hospital. Karson is 18months and has Neuroblastoma like Audrianna and Sophia is 1yr old and has A.L.L Leukemia...these are Audrianna's Babies as she calls them lol!!!!
On a brighter note i added pictures of the Team Audrianna Bracelet and Vinyl Window sticker here and you can just click the paypal button to pay for them to make everyones life easier!
Thank You.....Angela aka Audrianna and Kyra's Mommy

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