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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eventful Month

Ok sorry i haven't updated the blog in a while but its been a very busy and hectic month for us.Audrianna has had a whole month off from being in the hospital so we have been running running running to do things she wants to do.We went to Oncology Night at the Philadelphia Zoo and got to see some of the wonderful people that we met when we were in CHOP getting her stem cell transplants. Audri and Kyra loved the animals and had a great time, MOMMY loved seeing them smile and being with the other wonderful families that we now call *Family* again and seeing all our kids doing well.After that fun filled even we went to Sesame Place and the girls got to meet Abby Caddaby and Elmo, our dear friend Marietta sent us in a LIMO so that we wouldnt have to worry about driving there and back with 2little kids and fighting the traffic in Philadelphia.Audrianna and Kyra LOVED Sesame Place and we had the best day...we love you Marietta and thank you so much for making my girls so darn happy!! Then we had an awesome Fundraiser in Ronkonkoma NY that was hosted by our dear friend Gwen Cardaci and she managed to get her friend Aaron Carter to come out!!!!!!! Audrianna and her sister Both Love Aaron to pieces and he is now *Uncle Aaron* because to them he isnt someone Famous he is just a great guy who came out and sang and played on the floor with them with there coloring books:) We Love You Gwen and Aaron and thank You so much for making my family so happy, because believe me Happy isnt something we have had alot of since Audrianna was diagnosed with this Horrible Disease.After our Awesome day we drove into New Jersey and along the way got lost in Manhattan lol it was pouring rain and we couldnt see i n front of us but after we passed times square 3 times we finally found our way...YAY....gotta laugh about it because it was just one of those memories you wont forget. We spent the next day in the rain on the pier in Point Pleasant NJ and the girls got to goto the aquarium and ride all the rides(with a free pass we got from Give Kids The World when we stayed there for audri's Make-A-Wish) and even though it rained and it could have been a cranky miserable day...we just laughed it off and made the best of it and had a good time. THANKFULLY we drove home that night because the next morning my truck wouldnt start uughh the fuel pump went and cost us $500 to fix BUT again it could have been worse we could have been stranded in NJ and waiting for it to be fixed at a garage there, so we were just glad to be home when it happened.TODAY Audrianna started Pre-K which for Our Family is a HUGE Milestone considering when she was diagnosed in April of 2009 we were told she might not make it to her 3rd bday which was a month away and now she has made it to 4 and been cleared by her docs to start school...thank you god....she loved her bus driver and her teacher but she wasnt so sure about school till her *Boyfriend* Nathan sat down next to her and told her not to cry he would show her that school was ok....Thank God for the sincerity of 4yr olds and thank You so much Nathan we love you *Dawg*...Right now we are just trying to be a *Normal* family for as long as we can. In September the week of the 7th audrianna will be going through all her testing/scans to see if the tumor they found 6mnths ago is gone or not, but for now she looks good, feels good and we are just taking it one day at a time. If CANCER has taught us anything it's that You need to Live for today and LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING because you never know if tomorrow you will be. I just wanted to Thank everyone for all there love,support,prayers and ask you all to keep praying for Audrianna and hope to god we here the words N.E.D(no evidence of Disease) when she gets her new scans in september. BUT as a NB Family we know that even if you are N.E.D. today doesnt mean you can breathe easy because it can always sneak up on you and come back, BUT you take N.E.D. for as long as you can and you take one step/one fight at a time.We love you all...Goodnight!


  1. We know all to well about NB. We have been dealing with it for almost 5 years and it has been a bumpy ride.

  2. NB is a horrible disease and Bumpy doesnt even begin to describe the ride. I am sorry to hear that another child has been fighting this for 5yrs:( we will pray for your family and ty for following ours:)