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Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Starts off the Painfull holidays

Hi we just had our 2nd Halloween without you and it just isn't the same no matter how hard I try to make it that way.....This is the 2nd year your sister has said to me...Mommy what do you think Audri would have wanted to be for Halloween and we played the game of what you would have been and we settled on Elsa because you always had to be the Queen!!!!! Sissy was a Tigress because she loves cats so much and has always been our Kitty(some days she is good kitty and other days she is bad kitty) and of course Rhianna was with us and she was a Girl Cheeta.....
Nana and Poppa John went with us and Nana was a Flower Child and Poppa John put crazy pink coloring in his beard(your favorite color)....we all miss you so much but we go on everyday for Kyra and try to keep each other sane....the rest of this year is hard for mommy because you loved the big dinner at Thanksgiving and Of course you and sissy loved Christmas together and I just cant believe its been 21 months since your gone....I remember when you first got sick and you were going in for transplant in 2009 and we were going to be in the hospital for Christmas so we combined thanksgiving and Christmas and we had THANKSMAS and Santa came to the house and delievered yours and kyras gifts lol you were both so excited and waiting by the door but the minute santa said HoHoHo you both screamed and ran and hid...that is one of the best holiday memories I have of you....kyra was 1 1/2 and you were 3 1/2 and I remember thinking we were doing this because you might not come home from transplant....BUT you did and you got 4more yrs after that for us to be thankfull for and I know I should be thankfull I got all that time with you and I am BUT im also Mad that ill never get more time with you. This is the last picture I have of you and kyra together on Halloween, you were both so tiny and got I miss you baby...sissy was the duck from wonderpets and you were foofa

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