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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kyra's Surgery

Hi Baby....So sissy has been having problems with her tonsils and Adenoids just like you did and she had to have surgery to have them removed. We took her to Danville and Had your favorite ENT Dr.Helwig and then stayed the night on childrens 3 with some of our favorite nurses(Tom and Joe had the first shift with us and I know you were smiling for that) It was very hard for Daddy to goto the hospital for sissy's apt with dr helwig and it was VERY HARD for mommy, sissy and nana to be there without you.Was very hard staying overnight in YOUR Hospital but also kinda felt like going home too, I have missed all the friends that we made along our journey, the nurses and docs that became such a big part of our family. Mommy did ok being there till a few things happened in a row....1st things was Pet therapy and you know Kyra loves those dog visits as much as you did...2nd was Kyra wanted to goto the playroom and sitting there at the table watching her was like looking in a mirror at you and my heart hurt so bad for both of you...3rd was having to hold kyra down to get an IV taken out, omg it was horrible and once she fell asleep mommy kinda cracked up and couldnt stop crying till i called a friend who talked me though it....It was very hard being where my oldest daughter took her last breathe with my younger daughter being sick....BUT I requested we be on CH3 and at Geisinger because I knew the docs and nurses there would take care of Kyra better then any docs or nurses anywhere else because to them she is FAMILY....she is the baby they remember toddling down the hallways after you and your IV Pole,the baby that grew up there right in front of them and None of them could believe how big she got or how much she reminded them of you(she even woke up at 1am when Misty did her vitals and then was dancing in the hallway when she wanted to goto the kitchen for chocolate milk,it was like DEJAVU)......Sissy is still recovering and feeling icky from her surgery but we are hoping she feels better in a few days.She couldn't wait to leave the hospital and go home to be with Geena(who she takes care of very well because she was BOTH of yours) So now we are home and she is snuggled with Your Puppy(Geena)and watching movies on the kindle till she starts to feel better and let me tell ya she is a bad patient lol she hates taking oral meds(like you did)even though I tell her its gonna make her throat better she cries and cries but eventually does it even if I had to bribe her with something she wants to get her to do it(with you it was shoes as a bribe,with Kyra its dolls or stuffed cats) and even though I know bribing isn't the best way to handle the meltdowns I also know its the only way I can keep my sanity......well baby watch over sissy for me and help her feel better and ill talk to you soon xoxoxo Love Always...Mommy


  1. What a very rough experience! I hope Kyra feels better soon.

  2. Kyra Will Push Threw, ALL Kyra's Are Stong.