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Friday, April 26, 2013

10 very long weeks

I cannot believe that I has been 10 weeks since the last time I held you in my arms or heard you say I love you mommy...I miss you so much it physically hurts...Baby I know that your not in pain anymore and your dancing with the angel's but it doesn't make it any better because I want you here and out of pain, I want you to be whole and happy and riding your bike with all the neighborhood kids this summer...the last couple days have been extremely hard because its been nice outside so all the kids are riding there bikes and I keep expecting to see you come around that corner yelling look at me mom im going so fast with a big smile on your face...the kids are also jumping on the new trampoline that you and Kyra got for Christmas and you should be there jumping with them and doing flips with that smile that lights up the world..i hope your up in heaven using the clouds as a trampoline and bouncing along with your sister..... Having the other kids to play with has been helping Kyra a lot, she is sleeping better and not crying as much which is wonderful,so I sit outside and I smile and watch them play for her and the whole time im missing you so much I want to cry...I am trying very hard to stay busy...Me and Miss Heather are getting the butterfly garden going and Miss Amy is working on the memorial run to dedicate the garden so that we can get your foundation up and mommy is trying to find a lawyer to help me with all the legal jargon which im told is impossible!!!!!!! But I am determined that we are going to get everything up and running and help other kids and not just kids with cancer, any child that has a chronic life threatening illness from newborn to 21 because we saw a lot of different kids when you were sick and some of there diseases don't have any type of foundations to help them...I know that everytime we help another child your going to be there holding my hand and saying good job mommy...these are the things getting me through the day, even when I don't want to get out of I sent sissy to school and went right back to bed because its Friday and I just couldn't handle she is home and outside playing and smiling so im gonna go out and sit with her and megan and logan and watch them have fun.....I Love you baby and your forever in my heart...have fun with your angel friends xoxoxo


  1. hugs and love from up above and down the street to you so sweet i send my hope and share your sorrow

  2. I wish you the best with setting up the foundation! It's a great idea and I especially like that it will benefit kids with any chronic illness. There are a lot of diseases with absolutely no treatment and no survivors (like ALD.) The foundation will mean a lot to these kids and their families. :-)