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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Long Few days

So its been a very long week...first the infection in the line, then the line removal and IV put in.The good news was that the blood infection was ONLY in the line thank god...we have had 2 negative cultures since then and if tomorrow's comes back negative also we will be able to get a PIC LINE and go home on antibiotics. So mommy and audrianna have been both feeling yucky all week which is why there havent been alot of posts. Today Our friend Savanah finally got to go home after 2 weeks and Audrianna's new friend David went home also. We are asking you all to pray for our beautiful new friend Annalee...she will be 1yr old next saturday dec 17th and she has neuroblastoma...poor baby has gone through alot of nasty side effects since she had her firt chemo but she is doing better now...she also just had an infection in her line and had it removed the same day as now she may be stuck here till after her bday. Please pray she gets to go home and has better results on her next round of chemo.

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