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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home and Christmas

I know its been about 2 weks since i updated but everything has been crazy here. We were able to get out of the hospital and be home for christmas which was wonderful...then we got all the donations togther From Audriana's Wish Blanket/Toy Drive for Audrianna's Hospital and let me tell ya we only did the drive for less then 2 months and we managed to take 4 full truckloads of stuff to the hospital in time for christmas and we have more going down after new years when we go back to the hospital...everyone that sent things was so fantastic we are so humbled and proud to have some many wonderful people care enough about Audrianna to send things for her so she could make her wish of knowing all her friends at the hospital would be happy for christmas come true!!!!!!!We want to make this a yearly tradition so my goal for the coming year will be this...WE ARE GOING TO START AUDRIANNA'S HOSPITAL DRIVE FOR CHRISTMAS IN JULY AND HAVE IT RUN TILL 2 WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS....I am going to find one of the storage companies to comp the rent on a storage unit for that 6 month period so that i dont have to give up my house lol ....and i am going to get one of the companies in town like uhaul to donate the use of a truck to deliver it all....i am also going to try and setup with childlife at the hospital that we can do a christmas party at the hospital down by the turtle fountain in the childrens hospital...see if we can have someone come sing and have Santa there to hand out gifts to the kids with a photographer to take pictures with Santa...and then donate the rest to the hospital itself so on the 23rd they can use it in there hospital christmas store where the parents of kids stuck in the hospital for christmas get to go down and pick things for FREE for there child so they can wrap them and give them to them from Santa. I know this is a BIG THING TO TAKE ON but its something we want to be able to do for Our Hospital and The kids being treated there and it helps me teach my babies that Christmas isnt just about them getting things its about helping others and what a great way to help make another sick childs day brighter. I am hoping with help from ALL OF YOU we can make this happen...............................................................
I also want to say Thank You to EVERYONE that sent the girls things for Christmas and made there christmas so perfect....i didnt know how i was going to be able to do it this year with Audrianna being sick but once again the wonderful support system i have in my life came through and helped make Christmas perfect for them which in turn made it perfect for me. First they had a fabulous trip to NYC and got to see the Rockettes Christmas show and goto the american girl doll store and get new dolls, the trip was amazing and we couldnt have had a better time. THEN There were 6 big things they asked Santa for and they managed with the help of some wonderful people and wonderful organizations to get 5 of the 6 things...A ride in barbie car which Audrianna has been doing donuts on the street in lol....a dora kitchen that Kyra has not left alone since she woke up christmas morning...The Ultimate christmas dreams Castle that made Audrianna go OMG MOM Santa was listening when she opened it...THE IPAD which made me and Audrianna cry when she opened it....and with all hers and kyra's gift cards for toysrus they got a Hannah Montana TV for there room and play food and pots n pans for the new dora kitchen. Plus all the things that were sent to them, Kyra has so many new Barbies she doesnt know which one to play with first! Oh and we cant forget that even though i said i didnt need anything but to see the smiles on there faces...Nellies Catwalk4Kids didnt want to hear that and they got MOMMY a New Kindle Fire for Christmas because they are this christmas was good to us and it couldnt have been any better UNLESS AUDRIANNA WAS CURED AND WE FOUND A CURE FOR PEDIATRIC CANCER!!!!!!!!! But for now we will keep fighting for her cure and the cure for pediatric cancer with all that we have so that other families dont have to suffer like we do. Christmas night after all the pictures were taken and the food was all cleared up Audrianna decided it was time to shave off her hair because it was falling out in clumps so *HANNAH AND I* shaved Audrianna's head and then she shaved we are matching baldies but i promised her she would never be bald alone again and i meant it...she also shaved poppa johns head and got her cousin dustin to do his.We are in this battle together from now till always and we wont stop till a cure is found and babies stop dying 46/7 forever!!!!!
Gwen aka Hannah and her sister Alana are staying with us till the first of January and the girls have been roller skating for the first time with them, Audrianna loves to skate! Hannah even bought her a pair of roller skates from the skating rink and we got Kyra a pair of the ones that go over the shoe BUT they were to small so i had to get her different onces at toysrus and now my neice Ashleigh will have new skates to, see things do sometimes happen for a reason!
Been very down the last few days and trying really hard to life myself up ever since we shaved Audrianna's not sad i shaved my hair or she shaved hers, im mad and upset that she HAD TO DO THIS AGAIN...she was so excited to finally have hair again and now she lost it again...FUCKING CANCER it takes everything she loves and im just so sad i couldnt do anything to stop it and no matter how hard i try not to be sad or mad everytime i look at my baby it happens all over and i want to go sit and cry somewhere BUT that is not what she needs so i pick myself up by my bootstraps and i kick myself in the ass and keep going for her.
I just want everyone to know that depression is a real and serious illness and for those of us that fight it everyday its a constant struggle not to give in and lay down and give if you see someone that you think is having problems please reach out to them, even if its just to give them a hug and say im here for you, it might be just what they need to motivate themselves that day!!!!
Again thank you to everyone that follows Audriana's Wish Page and her story we love you all!


  1. if anyone deserves to say the f word it is are an amazing mom, yes I know you are doing it for your child but you and your children shouldn't have to go through this, I look for your blog every day..I know you get a lot of emails, and can't answer them all, so I will continue to pray for you all..feel free to vent any time I'm a good listener...Have A Happy New Year...sincerely Catherine

  2. U are one strong women and a great mother to that beautiful lil girl she is soooo lucky to have u i admire everything you do and u are one of a kind stay positive and keep sharing that love and that huge heart u have i send your family hugs and kisses you u will always be in my thoughts and prayers i wish u the best of luck and i know she will win this battle u are both strong and deserve it with everything u do for everyone love u guys