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Saturday, September 17, 2016

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month...Be Aware!

September is For the least thats how it is supposed to be, we are supposed to be fighting to get awareness out there so our kids can get more funding and help them to stop dying...But Alas it doesnt happen. The Pink for breast cancer comes out in september and takes over till november and the kids get no recognition at all. Did you know that out of all the money raised by the american cancer society only 4% goes to pediatric cancer and that there has only been 1 new drug for kids in the last 25yrs and that the kids get adult doses of chemo?? Most people do NOT know that and most honestly unless its happening to their kid DONT CARE. Did you know that most kids die not from the cancer but from the complications of the chemo?? That their organs shut down from the chemo and radiation we put into their bodies so even if the cancer dies they still dont survive. Did you know that a small infection like an absessed tooth can kill a kid that just beat cancer and then she ends up in the ICU and dies from the complications?? I DIDNT KNOW UNTIL IT WAS MY CHILD....BUT I WISH THAT I HAD SO THAT I WOULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT TO LOOK FOR AND SO I COULD HELP OTHER PEOPLE....WELL NOW I KNOW BECAUSE MY BABY DIED AND NOW I WILL FIGHT TILL I HAVE NO FIGHT LEFT SO THAT OTHER PARENTS/SIBLINGS/FAMILIES DONT FEEL THE WAY WE FEEL SINCE WE LOST OUR CHILD....Please educate yourselves and know the signs so that you dont ever have to bury your child :( I miss my baby every day, a piece of my soul went with her when she flew to the angels and ill never get it back...but i pray everyday that nobody else i love has to suffer through this. And i wonder why my child and the whys will kill ya slowly, they eat you alive....but as a parent your supposed to be able to kiss the boo boo's and make them better...and unfortunately you cant make cancer better no matter how hard you try....Since Audrianna was diagnosed in April of 2009 all but 3 of the children we met and loved along the way have died and believe me the number of kids is very high ad i could name them all....because everytime one of them dies a piece of me goes with them as if they were my own...this disease is Horrible and its killing our future because there is NO Cure, No Funding,NO Drugs just for the kids. Look at my babies face and tell me she should have died, that she wasnt worth more then 4 percent!!!!!!!!!
We Miss You Audrianna Everyday...Forever 6, Forever Loved, Forever in our Hearts

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