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Monday, July 16, 2012

Crazy Summer/Chemo Week

I havent had time to write in a while because it has been a crazy whirlwhind of a summer so far. We have met some amazing people and had a great time meeting them. Riding for a cause hosted a motorcyle run called Angel's For Audrianna and helped us raise money for hospital visits and to take Audrianna to Disney in November...we are so thankfull everyday to have met each and every person that was there the day of the run....Marie, Lisa,Sharon,Bubba...we cannot thank you enough for coming into our lives and helping it become a better place...we have to maintain contact with you and help participate in the run next year for the next sick child you help!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also have to say a Big shoutout to Outten County Chrysler in Hamburg,Pa who donated a trip to Audrianna to Disney in November so she can go and see Santa at the most magical place in the world...All of this started because of some negative comments made on Audriana's Wish on Facebook when i had asked for unused airline miles so that we could try and get her back to disney...Thank You Outten for coming through and making her dreams come true.........Both Riding for a Cause and Outten County Chrysler have proven to us once again that there are Still Angel's on Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has also been a very emotional time for us because as Audrianna's Tumor is stable and isnt shrinking or growing at the moment, she has friends that are not as fortunate and are losing there battles or having to start there fights all over again and its very very sad:(........everytime one of these babies relapses or dies it's like losing your own child over and over because they become your family and its so hard to lose yet another member of your family. My Heart is breaking right now for Ava and her Family...she is such a beautiful little girl who lights up a room when she enters it and for that light to be extinguished is just wrong in so many ways...we need to find a cure for this horrifying diease that is killing our babies and we need to find a cure now....Ava's Mom is one of the bravest people i know, i have been following and posting her status's and i know inside she is screaming because i would be but outside to everyone else she is saying she would be happier if Ava wasnt in pain anymore and she just went to be with Jesus,it takes alot to say that and to let your child go...Gianni I love You and You are one of my Hero's and i am here if you need anything..........................................Then there is Wyatt he is such a brave and wonderful young boy who just turned 8yrs old and on his birthday he relapsed with leukemia, now that docs dont know if they can beat this relapse but Kathy who is Wyatt's Mom and also one of my Hero's has said its not up to the docs its up to GOD because thats the higher power she answers to and she has faith that Wyatt will beat this and i pray with all that i have that she is right and he can truly get a miracle and kick this awful disease to the curb....................My beautiful Audrianna went around at clinic today and on the hospital floor and made sure all her friends including Wyatt got a Pin that says I HAVE CANCER NOT was the first time i have seen Wyatt smile in forever and she was thrilled that it made him happy....its the little things like this that makes our babies happy even when they are so sick they cant hold there heads up...........So remember when your out there with your friends and going on with your life if you think for a minute your life is bad please remember these babies and think of how much worse it could be...................Audrianna's chemo is going to start in a half hour and for the rest of the week she is going to be sick and miserable....but i am still thankfull its only for a week and that she gets to go home and be happy for 2 weeks when its over and i hope and pray everyday that it continues to work and doesnt affect her organs until it either gives up and goes away or they find something else to go after it with!!!!! So hug your babies and tell them you love them and remember to always live for today because you never know if there will be a tomorrow<3


  1. I know we've never met but I've followed Audrianna's story through FB and your blog, and I want you guys to know that you're all in my prayers every night. It's scary not being able to just take all the pain and cancer away and having to depend on the doctors and God's grace. I hope she gets her miracle. <3 It breaks my heart to see little ones fighting for their lives. That's a battle only adults should have to deal with. God Bless your little girl for her upbeat lookout on life. God is in control.. he won't abandon you guys. <3

  2. Chrissy, I don't agree with you 100% on that one. Cancer (as well as other diseases) are awful things for anyone to face. Having a cut off point for when it's okay or not okay for people to have them, as well as seeing one disease or age group affected as better/worse is going down an ethically corrupt path driven by emotion. For the most part (with exceptions for people that knowingly engage in cancer-provoking habits) no one asks to have cancer. I believe, the 8 month old and the 80-year-old have the same rights to live. It's God that decides when our time is up.

  3. Hello,
    I am Lygia Losinski from São Paulo, Brazil.
    Just let you to know I am trying everything that I can to make Audrianna´s wish come true. I know some people here in my country that perhaps can help, and I just hope that one of them can really do it!
    I would like to buy the t-shirt, but I don´t know how it can be done....once I am in Brazil. Is there any way for it be shipped to my country, to my home address?.... How much it could cost with the shipment?..... I will keep praying for Audrianna. Please, e-mail me at and let me to know your phone number and address, ok? God bless you all!