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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sad Day

Today we lost another Precious Angel to CANCER the most evil word in the damn universe:( Our Dear Friend Kelsey Burnsworth who has been fighting Leukemia since she was 2 and fought the most courageous fight, lost her battle today and earned her wings-:( My Heart Bleeds for her family and the fact that they have to walk through the rest of there lives without her...her precious spirit will NEVER be forgotten and she will live on in all of our memories but that doesnt make this better or ok!!!!!!!!! Kelsey was a wonderful girl and had a spirit like no other, she always put others before herself...on Audrianna's 4th birthday last year we had a princess party and she asked Kelsey to play Cinderella for her, Kelsey went out and bought her own wig,dress,gloves,GLASS SLIPPERS and she WAS CINDERELLA...even though she was so sick that day she drove about 3hrs to get to Audrianna's Party and play Cinderella and didnt tell Anyone she was sick till she left and ended up in the ER the next day but said it was all worth it to see the smile on Audrianna's Face...that's how ill remember her forever,selfless,generous and caring=Kelsey-:)

I dont have the heart to tell Audrianna that Kelsey is gone, its another loss im not sure she can handle because im not handling it,so for now im not going to tell her i dont want to add to the PTSD and start the nightmares again:(
Through every step of this Journey with Audrianna i have held strong and swore i wouldnt breakdown untill she was better, well i think i might have finally reached my breaking point..i cant sleep, or stop crying and it's all just to damn much, when are they going to find a cure and stop our babies from suffering and dying????? I had to call off work today because i couldnt stop crying long enough to go in and sit down with customers..guess its time for new happy pills because Mine arent happy anymore.I just want there to be a DAY where NOBODY gets told there Child Has Cancer and Nobody Gets told there child is going to DIE and Dammit, i want all the Babies/Kids we have met who are fighting this Courageous fight To GET WELL and go home and play with there siblings and kiss there parents,i dont want to see another child i love lose there battle.

Kelsey...Fly High Baby and Teach those Angel's some Fashion's to You always and forever Princess Cinderella...Much Love and Respect Always in Our Hearts <3


  1. OMG... my heart aches for you as well for Kelsey's family... Such a tragic loss... Please know that your fight is not in vain and doesn't go unappreciated... You, yourself, along with Audrianna, are such an inspiration to others!

  2. I lost my sister to cancer in August, and even though she was an adult I still hurt from the loss but when it comes to our children it is even worse. This is the second child my mother has lost and we as parents aren't to live longer than our children. My prayers go out to you and Kelsey's family, and even more so when you tell your daughter.

  3. Your emotions come through so raw and pure in your writings, that I cannot help but sit here and feel your pain. My tears feel useless, but I wanted you to know that your hurt reached me. My heart hurts for you, your daughter, Kelsey's family, and your shared loss. I'm not going to go into painful details, because I still can't, but please know that there are others out here who Understand your pain, even if we're incapable of relieving it. I'll continue my prayers that Audrianna remains NED forever!!

  4. Dear precious Angela,
    I am reaching out to you to offer my encouragement. Though we cannot even begin to understand why, GOD is absolutely in control and intends on glorifying himself through everything we experience, including suffering, including cancer. He did not create this world imperfect, it is a result of the falleness of humanity - a curse.
    Please know that GOD is not an evil GOD and He beautifully works all things for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Know that through your Facebook page and through this blog, people are watching you and how you handle the challenges life has handed you. By no means are they easy, in the slightest. You have been chosen for this task - to demonstrate GOD's strength and his grace through the most difficult of circumstances. I know your heart is broken and you are becoming discouraged; that is completely understandable. I just want to urge you, in all of this difficulty, painn, and loss to turn to Him to sustain you. What an opportunity you have to be a witness for Him. Allow Him to carry you and beautify all of this through you.
    Know that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Being the creator, it is His right to do that and the fact that breath remains in those of us still here is His grace and sustenance. He is not required to provide us anything, an explanation is not owed us; but, in His tenderness and unfathomable love, He lavishes His eternal comfort onto us in our pain. He is glorious, He is holy, He is sovereign. There is nothing outside of His control.
    Please teach Audrianna that, though her friends are no longer here, that there is no better place they could be than in His presence. If anything, death for these little ones is His mercy - He is bringing them unto Himself - to hold them, comfort them, relieve them of their pain.
    Angela, your name means "messenger of GOD." How amazing!! What an honor!! You are appointed as His messenger and this was the chosen path for you to accomplish that destiny!! I know your journey is one of the most difficult, but what He has called you for, He will equip you to fulfill.
    Please, if there is anything I can do for you, even if it is to encourage you and re-direct your perspective back to the eternal gravity of your mission, I welcome you and I will do all I can to support you.
    In the name of Christ, the King, Kristy.

  5. Wow...I am at a loss for words right now. That was absolutely beautiful! What incredible words of encouragement. When my brother died of cancer no one spoke these words to me and offered little comfort. If alright with you- I will take this as a gift. And to Audrianna's mommy...amazing how just now you feel the need to break down and cry. Such strength you have shown to your precious little girl! But you also need to give yourself a break...and allow yourself to "just be"...if even for a minute-hour-day-or whatever it takes to recharge yourself. God bless you and your girls!